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April 11th is the birthday of Bryan Pottberg, a Lee's Summit Fire Fighter who passed away in the line of duty on July 15, 1999. The U.S. flags will be flying in his honor today at Pottberg Park. Bryan lived life to the fullest and would have undoubtedly wished for us to remember him in celebration, not in sadness.  

Members and friends of Local 2195 have worked to keep Bryan's memory alive. Scholarships are given out in Bryan's name to five area high school seniors seeking careers in public safety. Those scholarships are funded by the Bryan Pottberg Memorial Golf Tournament, now on its eleventh year. And Pottberg Park in Lee's Summit serves as wonderful place for families to visit and enjoy.

Happy B-day, Potsy. We'll never forget you.

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Santa and the boys

Your off-duty fire fighters spent Dec 15th, 16th and 17th on the corner of 3rd St and Douglas in Lee's Summit soliciting donations for the Needy Family Fund. We were able to collect over $21,000 for the Lee's Summit Social Services. We would like to thank the wonderful community of Lee's Summit for contributing.


We would also like to thank the Lions Club for providing us lunches and the local businesses/citizens who brought us coffee and hot chocolate. The temperatures were frigid on Saturday and the roads were icy. But we toughed it out to with your help.

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The Lee's Summit Fire Fighter Charities and IAFF Local 2195 were happy to donate $1000 to the St. Luke's Image Renewal Center. The money donated was raised through the sale of pink Breast Cancer Awareness T-shirts that were worn during the month of October. The Image Renewal Center works directly with local residents suffering the effects of cancer treatment.

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Overtime Callout Change

The burden of filling overtime and the possibility of having mandatory overtime has increased recently. In October and November, there are numerous OT shifts that will need to be covered. In the Labor/Mgmt meeting today, we agreed to call out the overtime sooner for ease of scheduling and to reduce the possibility of mandatory overtime on short term notice. From now until the end of the year, the following changes will occur:


1) Long-term Overtime, when known, will be called out a rotation in advance:


Rotation 1: B shift works October 10th, 12th, and 14th (M-W-F).

Rotation 2: B shift works October 19th, 21st, and 23rd (W-F-Su)

Overtime for 19th (the first shift of Rotation 2 listed above) will be called out after B-shift's first shift of their current rotation (Rotation 1 listed above) on the 11th. Overtime for the 21st will be called on the 13th. Overtime for the 23rd will be called on the 15th... and so on.


2) Long-term Overtime call-outs done in advance (after the transition period listed below) will be conducted starting at 1900 hrs (instead of 0800 hrs) to alleviate the burden in the Communications Center during the day.


Again, the idea is to reduce the chance and the burden of having mandatory overtime. If mandatory overtime is required, it is easier to schedule around if advanced notice is given.  A draft policy on mandatory overtime has been in the works for a while and is now being given preference considering our current situation.


If you plan on canceling vacation leave, please take into consideration the new call out schedule so that someone doesn't plan on working OT and have it canceled with short notice.


Lastly, with the amount of injuries and military leave, we should all try to do our part to help out. Many of our lives are very busy outside of the fire department. But please consider doing what you can to help ease the burden on your fellow brothers and sisters.

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Eighteen years ago, the Lee's Summit Fire Department suffered its only line-of-duty death. On July 15th, 1999, Bryan C. Pottberg died while conducting underwater dive rescue training at Lakewood Lake. Bryan is remembered for his dedication to the fire service and a personality that went unmatched. Bryan was a friend to many and his death took a lasting toll on family, friends, and the fire service.

Memories of Bryan have been kept alive by family and friends, the City of Lee's Summit, and the IAFF Local 2195. The Bryan Pottberg Memorial Park, in north Lee's Summit, is a wonderful place for families to visit with its sheltered picnic area and firefighter themed playground. The Lee's Summit Fire Department Station 7 houses the department's training facility that was dedicated to Bryan upon its opening in March 2007.The Lee's Summit Fire Fighter Charities hosts the annual Bryan C. Pottberg Memorial Golf Tournament that provides scholarships to area high school seniors pursuing a career in public safety. Bryan has also been memorialized at the Missouri Fire Fighter's Memorial in Kingdom City and the National Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial Wall in Colorado Springs, CO.

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Fire Ops 101 wrapped up May 15th at Fire Station 7. The program was co-sponsored by Local 2195 and the Lee's Summit Fire Department. Thank you to all who participated to make this year another success. Click here to view some pictures.

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Member of Local 2195 will once again participate in the KC Memorial Stair Climb. On September 11th, 2016, 343 firefighters will climb 110 floors in downtown KC to memorialize the firefighters who died in the World Trade Center attacks. All proceeds from the event are donated to the Surviving Spouse and Family Endowment Fund (SAFE) that provides immediate financial assistance to local families of police officers, fire fighters, or emergency services personnel who die in the line of duty. We are proud to have had good representation from the membership of Local 2195 in past years and are looking forward to the climbing again in 2016.

Visit the Photo Gallery for pictures of last year's event.

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Legacy of the Lee's Summit Fire Dept

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Local 2195

Political Action Committee

Fire Fighters for Progress


The Local has established a Political Action Committee also known as a PAC fund. The PAC gives our members the ability to contribute financially to political causes and candidates that support our Local. Many have asked why a PAC is necessary and wonder how funds are spent.  For the answers to those questions and more, Local members can click here.

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Emergency Medical Form

Often, in a medical emergency, patients are unable to communicate their medical history to the medical personnel who are summoned to help. It is important for responders to have the best information to treat their patients. There are many ways to communicate this information by using the File of Life, Vial of Life or other documents that can be filled out prior to the emergency. Local 2195 has developed a very simple form that can be printed from our website so that some basic information can be recorded.  Click here for more info.....

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